Franchise, Sales and Distribution Law

The factors that make a successful company unique are not only good products and professional services. Rather, its performance as a sales and distribution operation is also crucial. Particularly small and medium-sized companies are often faced with the challenge of improving the balance between high-quality products and services and high sales costs.

The specialist at TCI Rechtsanwälte for Franchise, Sales and Distribution Law is

Ruth Dünisch

Attorney admitted to practice in Germany

TCI Rechtsanwälte München
  • We specialize in legal advice in national and international sales and distribution and provide companies with comprehensive advice on the issues of sales and distribution law throughout all phases of a company (formation, expansion, consolidation, crisis)
  • We advise on strategic issues of national and international expansion and during the structuring of sales operations
  • We provide support for companies in developing sales models and reorganizing sales operations, particularly with independent sales and distribution partners (franchisees, licensees, sales representatives, authorized dealerships)
  • We provide advice on outsourcing sales functions to independent sales partners
  • We draft, review and negotiate franchise agreements and sales agreements with sales partners, manufacturers and suppliers
  • We assist international franchisors in entering the German market
  • We advise companies on introducing e-commerce and aligning the new system to existing sales and distribution structures
  • We provide advice and representation in conflicts within franchise systems, with sales partners, in mediation proceedings and in arbitration disputes
  • Years of experience and ongoing consultancy in all aspects of franchising and sales law
  • Long-standing senior position of a partner at TCI Rechtsanwälte in the German Franchise Association (registered non-profit organization)
  • Understanding of business management contexts and business interests backed up by equivalent qualifications
  • Clear presentation and wording of opinions, contracts, statements and expert reports based on experience in the field of journalism
  • Network of international legal experts for international cases
  • Support in day-to-day business in franchising and sales issues (e.g. advice on establishing and reorganizing sales operations, trademark and domain protection, selecting a legal form, legal issues concerning contract design, corporate identity, commercial rental agreements, independent status of sales partners, data protection, drafting/assessment of GTCs, reminders and warning letters, etc.)
  • Advisory services for introducing and evaluating new business and sales models
  • Drafting, assessment and negotiation of franchise agreements, master franchise agreements, area development agreements, licensing agreements and sales representative / authorized distributor agreements
  • Support in converting existing store systems into franchise or agency networks
  • Support in implementing statutory regulations governing online stores and designing internet platforms
  • Advice and drafting of contracts for franchisors' purchases of franchisee operations
  • Support in terminating sales and distribution agreements and advice on compensation issues
  • Over 1000 assessments of franchise and other distribution agreements in a variety of sectors
  • Support services for numerous new companies during start-up and expansion with independent sales partners
  • Support of established large-scale franchise systems in re-launching their franchise system
  • Comparative assessments of the distribution agreements of international companies for the German market
  • Advice and support for franchisors during the introduction of franchisee boards (advisory boards, committees, etc.)
  • Analysis of crises and disputes and crisis management in franchise systems where franchisees may split off

Franchise, Sales and Distribution Law