Product Safety and Product Liability

Complex technical products involve safety risks. If a safety risk is found in a product or has even already caused damage, there is not only a lot at stake for a manufacturer financially, but his reputation may also be at risk. We support you in minimizing damage in every way.

The specialists at TCI Rechtsanwälte for Product Safety and Product Liability are

Dr. Truiken J. Heydn

Attorney admitted to practice in Germany

TCI Rechtsanwälte München

Andreas Stadler

Attorney admitted to practice in Germany

TCI Rechtsanwälte München
  • We provide comprehensive advice before product safety problems or product liability incidents arise
  • We provide integrated advisory services that incorporate PR issues and take your company's interests and economic factors into account  
  • We are experienced in dealing with technical norms and standards
  • We have comprehensive experience in handling cross-border product recalls and product liability cases in cooperation with foreign attorneys
  • Special expertise in product safety and product liability cases involving a complex technical background
  • We make a point of directly communicating with your engineers and technicians
  • We learn how your products work.
  • We familiarize ourselves with the technical facts underlying the case. 
  • We place particular emphasis on a clear account when presenting the technical issues and our legal conclusions to courts and arbitral tribunals.
  • We not only explain the key technical issues to the court using words, but also with images, diagrams or videos.
  • Provide risk management advice on product liability issues
  • Advise on developing contingency and emergency plans
  • Represent your interests before product safety authorities
  • Advise on how to coordinate and implement E.U. and global product recalls
  • Assist in preparing materials for and relating to product recalls (standard letters, newspaper advertisements, website design, POS information displays, press releases)
  • Advise and represent you in recourse disputes between suppliers and manufacturers with respect to the reimbursement of product recall costs
  • Conduct litigation before German courts
  • Conduct mediation proceedings in Germany and abroad (both as counsel and as mediator)
  • Assist in litigation before foreign courts in close cooperation with foreign law firms
  • Advisors to a medical products distributor regarding CE labeling
  • Advisors and counsel to a U.S. electronics company for the coordination and implementation of an E.U. product recall
  • Advisors and counsel to a U.S. software manufacturer in a dispute over data loss
  • Advisors and counsel to an automotive supplier in a dispute over the cause of damage
  • Advisors and counsel to an automotive supplier in a dispute over the reimbursement of recall costs